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C-Shop is a cloud-based retail solution for all facets of the retail industry that enables you to perform businesses efficiently and adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. It is specifically designed to give visibility and streamlined operations from inventory to back-office to customer end and much more.

A POS system for inventory management can save money because it will tell the business owner when to order inventory and how much to order at a given time. With improved features, regular cash registers have been completed over the past few years due to the proliferation of modern point of sales (POS) reputation. The point-of-sale system or POS system is another revolution in the burgeoning era of technology, and this is changing the way businesses conduct transactions. Our POS software developer will build and integrate CRM applications automated profile creation, discount management, and personalized marketing.

Business Benefits Of Point Of Sales (POS)

We comprehend your POS development needs, so we bring you a service that enhances your company’s distinctiveness and its technical needs. We are a top-notch POS software and application development company, providing POS software development across domains to make businesses better at every sale.

Why Clen Infotech Trustworthy For POS Development?

Take the advantage of a user-friendly and profitable growth point of sales (POS) solution to aid you to manage your business transactions easily, securely, and efficiently from Clen Infotech POS development solutions.

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Ready To Build A Custom POS Solution For Your Business?

Hire a POS developer from Clen Infotech,  which will reshape your business with effective POS software development solutions. Feel free to Contact Us.

Key Modules and advantages of C-Shop Retail Solution

  • Any device
    Use C-shop on iPad, PC, or Mac. Use it on any device that suits your store setup and counter size.
  • Cloud-based
    Sell in-store, on-the-go, and even access it from home – C-shop is on the cloud and accessible from anywhere.
  • POS
  • Create & Maintain Customers details
  • Category wise Batch & Unique Products for Pricing & Sales
  • Barcode Interface
  • Payment modes - Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, wallet
  • Accounting
  • Period wise – Comparison
  • Sales & Stock Inventory
  • e-Commerce
  • Payment integration